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About Me

I am a self confessed yoga addict, I just can't help loving yoga. From the first time I stepped on my mat, I knew I was hooked. Yoga had found me or me it? Through the practice of yoga I lost this image of who I thought I was and found who I really was. I went though a roller-coaster of ups and downs, doubts and conformations. The joy is stepping on the path and making it happen with courage and humility. I found freedom. Yoga has so many forms and expressions, I've tried most of them and loved them all in there own way. From Astanga to bikrum, when we step onto our mat we open ourselves up to what seems like a physical practice but somehow we embark on this radical self enquiry bringing us to a point  of acceptance and transformation.

I remember my first yoga class back in 2001 very distinctly, with a slight feeling of nervousness I stepped onto the yoga mat. Unbeknown to me then that it was the start of a whole new journey. Not only was the class fun and vibrant but after I had an amazing sense of calmness and strength. When I stepped off the mat I knew I was hooked. For me yoga filled that gap between fitness and wellbeing.

I have a strong hands on approach to Yoga, with confidence in adjustments and alignment. My style of class is fun, vibrant and dynamic. I like to encourage a lot of laughter in my classes and a feeling of not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s a great feeling when you can flow with the breathe with a great big smile on your face.

I believe yoga is for everyone, some people are naturally strong, some people are naturally flexible and some people struggle with weight. No two bodies are the same. Yoga can help to bring the body mind and spirit into balance. So we learn to be feel achievement on and off the mat gaining strength and flexibility not only in our bodies but also in our daily lives. Bring the mind into focus and allowing our spirit to sore like a peaceful bird.

I have attended many workshops including inversions, arm balances, Yin Yoga and meditation. I am also a Reiki Practitioner of the Usui system of natural healing.